The engineering of Agitation. Since 2004.

Engineering for the solution of complex processes.

In other words, we adapt to any condition, even the most extreme ones.

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AGITATORS G&G. Agitation Engineering. Since 2004

We provide solutions to the most complex agitation processes, adapting to any condition, even the most extreme ones.

High-tech industrial agitators, tailor-made and affordable, with the highest quality for applications in industrial sectors, especially in water and waste water treatment, chemical industry, petrochemical, paints, food, paper, cellulose and pharmaceutical process.

Applications in industrial sectors.

Our product range consists of agitators for applications in industrial sectors.
For example:


In short, an agitator consists of one or more propellers mounted on a shaft that is driven by a motor unit.
Agitation consists of creating movement between liquids, or liquids and solids to mix them, homogenize them, and other processes.
Therefore, the agitation and mixing operation intervenes in practically all industrial processes.


G&G Ingenieros designs and manufactures agitators adapted to your specific needs.
We also have a test bench to carry out all kinds of tests with different propellrs.
Therefore, we can obtain data that can be extrapolated to any real case.
Consequently, we give you a global solution as a result of the design and manufacture of an optimized agitator.

In short, we offer everything from advice and design to the manufacture of the agitator.



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In any industrial sector the application of agitators is necessary.

That is to say, either in the main process or in the secondary ones.

Agitators, engineering at your fingertips


References of supplied projects

G&G Agitators for Columbian Carbon Spain

G&G Ingenieros has supplied its client Columbian Carbon Spain with a 1.5 kW horizontal agitator.
For the homogenization of oil and suspension of solids for its plant in Gajano (Cantabria).

Agitation systems for the Astexol Thermosolar Plant

G&G Ingenieros has supplied several agitators for the Astexol Thermosolar Plant located in Badajoz.
Through its client Hidroambiente (Elecnor group).

G&G agitators in the Pacific-Campo Rubiales water treatment plant

G&G Ingenieros through its client UTE Consorcio Ecoeficiencia - Tedagua has supplied several agitators.
For the Pacific- Campo Rubiales water treatment plant, in Colombia.

G&G digester agitator at Ibarra WWTP in Ecuador

G&G Ingenieros has supplied through the consortium Acciona Agua-Eduinter a top-entry agitator of 9.2 kW.
For the digestion of sludge in the wastewater treatment plant of Ibarra in Ecuador.