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Side-entry agitators HPD

Side entry agitators with own design of the equipment for the most suitable agitation to the process.

  • Applications: large volume homogenizations, horizontal deposits, bottom agitations, food products...
  • Driven by an electric motor complying with IE2, IE3 and speed reducer energy efficiency standards.
  • Energy-optimised agitators.
  • Equipped with compression packings or mechanical seals with the possibility of being dismountable to a full tank.
  • Manufactured in different materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel AISI-304, AISI-316, Duplex, Carbon steel with ebonite coating...

Types of propellers

  • PD thin profile blade propellers: The flow created is predominantly axial. High performance pumping and low or moderate percentage turbulence.


  • ATEX approval.
  • Variable speed drive via frequency converter.

agitadores horizontales

References of works done

G&G Agitators at the Pacific-Campo Rubiales Water Treatment Plant

G&G Ingenieros through its client UTE Consorcio Ecoeficiencia- Tedagua has supplied several agitators for the water treatment plant Pacific- Campo Rubiales, in Colombia:

  • 2 vertical agitators of 2,2 kW.
  • 2 horizontal agitators of 5.5 kW.

G&G Agitators for Nalón Chemical Industry

G&G Ingenieros has supplied its client Industria Química del Nalón with 2 side entry agitators of 18.5 kW power for suspension and temperature homogenization.

What can side-entry agitators be used for?

Side entry agitators can be used for:

  • High-volume homogenizations.
  • Dynamic seals by mechanical seals and static safety seals.
  • High performance mobiles.
Side-entry agitators with own design of the equipment for the most suitable agitation to the process.
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