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Portable agitators

Mobile industrial agitators manufacturers. Portable agitators.

In many industries there is the problem of agitating small volumes to generate solutions or simply homogenize liquid products prior to use.

There is a tendency to think of a portable agitator of very little weight, which can be alternated by the different containers.
As mobile industrial agitator manufacturers, two important parameters must be taken into account, such as the characteristics of the various products and their continents on the one hand and the way the agitator is fixed on the other.

Dissolutions and homogenizations of products with viscosities close to those of the water allow the use of small mobiles such as the marine type at high speeds so that the agitator can be very light as it will only consist of the motor, a guide axle, the shaft and the propeller. This type of agitator is portable but the issue is reduced to how to fix it in the different containers.

On the other hand, viscous products that produce foams or that do not admit high shear require slow agitators which forces the use of reducers with the consequent increase in weight of the equipment. These agitators are technically more reliable than the fast agitators, since at the lowest stresses and speeds it is added that they will not pass through the critical speed.


The fixing system is linked to the use of the agitators.
The transport of the agitator through the different containers requires a common fixation to all the containers as described below.
Another system consists of transporting the containers keeping the agitator fixed on a mobile structure fixed to the wall (figure 1) or movable (figure 2).
Plastic containers type IBC / GRG tote tanks with an outer metal cage allow a support to be fixed to the cage.

Figura 1 y figura 2

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