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Agitator tank

The IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) or GRG (Large Bulk Container) tanks consist of plastic, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks, which are wrapped in a 600-1,000 litre aluminium grid box, the most commonly used being the 1,000 litre ones.

They have a hole in the upper part that is usually 150mm or 220 mm, where the agitator is introduced.

The agitator is anchored (by means of a square plate) to a support of variable width easily interchangeable, in Galvanized Carbon Steel. This support is fixed to the structure of the tank and can be adapted for lifting and transport with the nails of a motorized forklift.


G&G Ingenieros recommends the use of slow agitators due to their technical advantages

Agitators with direct motor or fast agitators (agitators without reducer) with marine propeller or slow agitators with geared motor and folding turbine can be used for this type of tanks, depending on the required application.

G&G Ingenieros recommends the use of slow agitators due to their technical advantages. In addition to never going through the critical speed because it is always above the operating speed, the propeller to be folding has a larger diameter and better performance, so the agitation will be more homogeneous.

We are manufacturers of IBC tote mixers / agitatorsC

The agitators for IBC tote are the perfect solution to keep the contents of this type of tanks, homogeneous.
You can use it as a mixing tank, saving on decanting and cleaning.


Portable mixers / agitators

Portable agitators can also be used in IBC tote agitation processes.
Transporting the agitator through the different containers requires a common fixation to all the containers / totes.
Another system consists of transporting the containers keeping the agitator fixed in a mobile structure fixed to the wall or movable.
Plastic containers with an external metallic (IBC and GRG tote tanks) cage allow a support to be fixed to the cage.

tanque agitador

Agitator tank
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