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Top entry agitators

Top entry agitators with own design of the equipment for the most suitable agitation to the process.

  • Applications: dissolutions, suspensions, coagulation, flocculation, mixture of reagents, neutralization…
  • Driven by an electric motor complying with IE2, IE3 and speed reducer energy efficiency standards.
  • Energy-optimized agitators.
  • Equipped with flange or plate to be coupled to the upper part of the tank.
  • Manufactured in different materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel AISI-304, AISI-316, Duplex, Carbon steel with ebonite coating...

Types of propellers

  • PD thin profile blade propellers: The flow created is predominantly axial. High performance pumping and low or moderate percentage turbulence.
  • TA Axial Turbine: The flow created is axial with a radial component. Higher turbulence percentage.


  • ATEX approval.
  • Variable speed drive via frequency converter.


Some references

G&G Agitators in Venezuela

G&G Ingenieros, through its client Ondeo Industrial Solutions, has supplied Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. with several agitators for the water treatment plant in Tia Juana, Venezuela:

  • 1 vertical agitator of 1,1 kW.
  • 2 vertical agitators of 0.37 kW.

G&G Agitators for Thermosolar Plant

G&G Ingenieros through its client Herlogas has supplied several top entry agitators of 22 kW for the smelting of salts in the furnace, used in thermosolar plants such as Andasol, Termosol I and II,...

G&G Agitators for the ASTE 1A -1B Thermosolar Power Plant

G&G Ingenieros, through its client Hidroambiente, belonging to the Elecnor group, has supplied several agitators for the ASTE 1A-1B Solar Thermal Power Plant, 2 top entry agitators of 0.75 kW for coagulation, 2 top entry agitators of 1.1 kW for flocculation, 2 top entry agitators of 0.18 kW for flocculation and 4 top entry agitators VHM14 for preparation of reagents.

Top entry agitators or submersible agitators. Comparison

The top entry agitators arose from the need to control mixtures at runtime or heat transmissions in the reactors and evolved by modifying and optimizing blade profiles.
In contrast, submersible mixers were developed by submersible pump manufacturers, who saw this possibility when applying a propeller to the submersible motor.

Large diameter impellers at low speeds provide better mixing throughout the liquid volume. Therefore, solid fillets distributed at the bottom of the tank and accumulated in the corners will be eliminated.

In addition, the top entry agitator provides vertical flows with direction and direction opposite to the action of gravity so it acts with greater speed and efficiency on the suspension of solids, fibers, etc. since the cause of stratification is the force of gravity.

Consequently we have a better mixing and much lower power levels.

There are no submerged electrical components.

No submerged bearings and seals are required.

On the other hand, corrosive and hot liquids can be used.

It is not necessary to stop the installation to do the maintenance work.

Furthermore, with a good design, it is not necessary to empty the tank for cleaning solids.

A practical example of top entry agitators:
Buffer tank section 9×9 m and liquid height 5 m. It is a question of homogenizing the residual water of correntias that it contains.

With submersible agitators, depending on the abacus used, 25W/m3 will be required.

The volume is 405 m3 405×25 = 10.125 W.

An 11kW submersible agitator with 600 mm propeller diameter is taken at a speed of 351 rpm.

With this we obtain a flow of 3977 m3 /h that will generate 9,8 renewals/hour.

With top entry agitator a thin profile propeller of high efficiency is taken. The diameter is 2500 mm and at a speed of 30 rpm. Consequently it will provide a flow velocity at the exit of the propeller of 0.54 m/s, a flow of 9535 m3 /h. This will generate 24 renewals/hour and a mixing time of 3.33 min. The drive motor will be 2.2 kW.

Undoubtedly, with 20% of the power you get a 239% flow and much better oriented and distributed.

Top entry agitators with own design of the equipment for the most suitable agitation to the process.
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