About G&G Ingenieros

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Our goal is to provide specific solutions to every single client, high-tech customized industrial agitators, at an affordable price with the highest quality.

The product range consists of agitators for applications in industrial sectors including water treatment, chemical, petrochemical, paints and varnishes, food, paper, cellulose, pharmaceutical...

We give solutions to the most complex processes adapted to any requirements under the most extreme conditions.

Vertical mixer G&G

What is it?

Agitation means to create movement to mix either liquids, or solids and liquids in order to mix and homogenize them...

The stirring and mixing operation is involved in virtually any industrial processes.

Industrial sectors such as chemicals, water treatment, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, mineral processing ...require industrial agitator to solve their mixing problems.

An agitator consists of one or several mobiles mounted on a shaft which is driven by a power head.

At the very beginnings of this technique, they began to use known mobiles such as marine propellers developed for ships propulsion and optimized to run in water as well as a variety of configurations from flat blades. At the development of this technology, it has now reached propellers thin profile "PD" in different sizes and relationship of their parameters getting specialized propellers for different existing processes in industry.