Horizontal agitators HPD

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Customized instrument designs in order to achieve the most appropriate stirring for the process.

Applications:  Large volume homogenizations, horizontal tanks, bottom stirrings, food products…

They are driven by electric motor complying with IE2 energy efficiency regulations and gear box.

Agitators energetically optimized.

They are equipped with packing gland or mechanical seals with possibility of being removed with a full tank.

Made of different materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel AISI-304, AISI-316, Duplex, Carbon Steel Ebonite-coated...

Types of impellers:

  • Bladed propellers thin profile PD: The flow is predominantly axial created. Pumping high performance and low or moderate percentage of turbulence.


  • ATEX homologation.
  • Variable speed drive with frequency converter.


Horizontal agitator G&G