IBC Tank Agitators

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The IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) deposits are tanks made of plastic, high density polyethylene (HDPE), which are protected by a box of aluminum grid with a capacity of  600 to 1000 liters, the most commons are the 1,000 liters ones.

They have a hole about 150mm or 220 mm diameter at the top, through which the agitator is introduced.

The agitator is anchored (using a square plate) to a variable width support which is easily interchangeable, made of Galvanized Carbon Steel. This support is fixed to the structure of the tank and can be adapted to be lifted and transported by a forklift.

Rapid agitators with direct motor (gearless agitator) with marine propeller agitators or slow agitators with gearbox and folding turbine can be used in this kind of deposits depending on the application required.

G&G Ingenieros recommends using slow agitators for their technical advantages: the propeller has a larger diameter and a better performance as it is a folding agitators, so the agitation will be more homogeneous. In addition, it never exceeds the critical speed due it is always above the operating one.


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