Portable agitators

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The problem of stirring small volumes to generate solutions or just to homogenize liquid products prior to use them appears in several industries.

We tend to think of a portable agitator, very little weight; that can be cycle through different containers.

Keep in mind two important parameters such as the characteristics of the products and continents on the one hand and how to fix the agitator on the other.

Dissolutions and homogenizations of products with similar viscosity to water allow using a small mobile such as the marine type at high speeds so the agitator can be very light-weight since it will only be constituted by the motor, a guided bearing, the shaft and mobile.  This kind of agitators is portable but the question comes down to how to fix it in different containers.

Moreover, viscous products that produce foam or do not allow high shearing require slow agitators forcing the use of gearboxes with a consequent increase of the equipment weight. These agitators are more technically reliable than the fast ones due to be subjected to lower forces; speed and they also do not pass through the critical speed.