The engineering of Agitation. Since 2004.

Who are we?



Mission Statement

Design and manufacture agitators with excellence.

Seek technological innovation and maximum energy efficiency contributing to sustainable development.

Offer solutions and guidance to our customers for the most complex applications.


Be an engineering reference in the industrial sector with projection to the international market.
Promote economic development in the different sectors of our area of influence.


Guarantee of results and commitment to the customer by giving technical support.
Sustained and sustainable growth.
Respect for the environment.
Ethical commitment.
Commitment to quality.


Commitment to quality

The management of G&G INGENIEROS, S.L., shows its firm support to the process of continuous improvement with the aim of increasing the competitiveness and quality of our service, in order to satisfy our customers, workers and all interested parties with our organization.
In order for this Management Policy to be appropriate to the purpose of the organisation, this is the reference framework used to establish and review the management objectives, the basic lines of action of which are defined below:

  • Minimize the risks faced by our organization.
  • Strengthen the opportunities presented to us..
  • Satisfy our customers at all times by complying with the quality standards agreed with them.

We are ISO 9001 certified.


We are manufacturers of agitators in Spain
Agitation Engineering