The engineering of Agitation. Since 2004.

Technological innovation is one of the fundamental pillars of G&G Ingenieros' strategic plan.


R+D+I activities are organised in line with the company's strategic plan, promoting an innovative culture within the organisation and boosting the generation of knowledge based on people's talent.


Innovative project for Herlogas

Herlogas challenged us to design and manufacture an agitator with very special characteristics, as it had to withstand high temperatures.
These agitators designed and manufactured by us, and provided to Herlogas, are currently used in solar thermal power plants such as Andasol, Termosol I and II...
Andasol is one of the 10 largest thermosolar plants in the world.

In thermosolar plants, molten salts are used due to their high latent power. They are used to store the energy supplied in hours of sunshine and use it when there is no sunshine. Consequently, continuity in production is achieved.

These salts, normally a mixture of sodium and potassium nitrate, melt at approximately 280ºC and are kept in one or two tanks at temperatures between 300º and 350ºC.

In the start-up of the plant it is necessary to melt the salts to fill the two storage tanks.


Industry 4.0

At G&G Ingenieros we are committed to innovation and competitiveness.

The industrial sector is considered an engine of innovation, growth and social stability. Among the challenges it faces, is to offer high quality, and personalization, in less production time.

In G&G Ingenieros we have solutions for the digital design of products, attention and personalized follow-up to our clients, achieving a reduction in marketing time and a personalized and flexible production, helping industrial companies to be efficient and sustainable.


Commitment to the customer

We listen to the needs of our customers and collaborate so that technology and innovation can efficiently manage the needs and aspirations of our customers.

We focus on delivering solutions that support the smartest decisions and the most efficient results, so that our customers can overcome any obstacles and achieve their goals.

We offer guarantee and security.

We deliver on our commitment to deliver the long-term value needed to grow and prosper in any business.

Industry innovation
The engineering at your fingertips


At G&G Ingenieros we design and manufacture all types of agitators.

For example:

Top entry agitators:

  • Shafts and propelles with different materials such as stainless steel, alloys and antacid coatings.
  • Driving heads with top brand gearmotors.
  • Seals by mechanical seals, compression packings, hydraulic seals, etc.
  • Different propellers depending on the purpose of the application.

Side entry agitators:

  • Homogenization of large volumes
  • Dynamic seals by mechanical seals and static safety seals
  • High-performance mobiles

Food agitators:

  • Top and side entry agitators manufactured with food quality