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Flocculant agitator. G&G Floc.

G&G Floc takes care of a good mixing of sludge and polymer by ensuring a minimum of five passes of both products through the mixing zone. This process is essential for the formation of flocs and their subsequent dehydration, and for the corresponding filter to perform well.

  • Metal construction.
  • Part in contact with the sludge in stainless steel.
  • It is applied in the flocculation of the sludge for the later dehydration by means of the filter.
  • The variable speed drive head gives it great versatility and adaptation to the quality and behaviour of the sludge.
  • Mixing zone: the polyelectrolyte is mixed with the sludge, initiating the process of floc formation.
  • Flocculation zone: the movement of the fluid, without shearing zones, makes the small flocs fat when acquiring solids.

These equipments are made to measure according to the client's specifications.


Success stories

G&G agitators for Burgui Wastewater Treatment Plant

G&G Ingenieros has supplied 1 top entry agitator of 0.18 kW for flocculation in the WWTP of Burgui located in Navarra through its client Hidroambiente, from the Elecnor group.

G&G Agitators for the Astexol Thermosolar Plant

G&G Ingenieros has supplied several agitators for the Astexol Thermosolar Plant located in Badajoz, through its client Hidoambiente (Elecnor Group).

  • 1 top entry agitator of 0,75 kW for the mixing chamber.
  • 1 1.5 kW top entry agitator for the flocculation chamber.
  • 1 top entry agitator of 1,5 kW for neutralization.
  • 1 top entry agitator of 0,37 kW for flocculation chamber.

G&G agitators in the BEFESA Zinc plant in Amorebieta

G&G Ingenieros, through its client Hidroambiente, belonging to the Elecnor group, has supplied 1 top entry agitator of 0.12 kW for flocculation.

What does flocculation consist of?

In order for the solids separation process (decantation, filtration) to have a good performance, it is necessary to generate flocs with the largest possible size. To provoke this fattening of flocs it is necessary to move them so that they come into contact with the particles in suspension that will be coupled to them.

Flocculant agitator. G&G Floc.
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