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The agitator for salt melting furnace

The essential element in the inorganic salt melting furnace is the agitator. Its mission is to produce the necessary movement of the salts to make the heat exchange between the heating tubes and the liquid efficient and to homogenize the temperature of the salts inside. In the reactor, the salts are introduced in a solid state and molten inorganic salts are extracted.
One of the most special agitators we have designed has been a salt melting furnace agitator. The critical feature in this design is the high temperature it must withstand.

In solar thermal plants, molten salts are used due to their high latent power. They are used to store the energy supplied in hours of sunshine and use it when there is no sunshine. Consequently, continuity in production is achieved.

These salts, normally a mixture of sodium and potassium nitrate, melt at approximately 280ºC and are kept in one or two tanks at temperatures between 300º and 350ºC.

In the start-up of the plant it is necessary to melt the salts to fill the two storage tanks.

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Success stories

Innovative project for Herlogas

G&G has designed and supplied four agitators to Herlogas that work perfectly and meet expectations, they are vertical agitators of 22 kW for the smelting of salts in the furnace, used in thermosolar plants such as Andasol, Termosol I and II,...

Agitator for salt melting furnace
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