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G&G Ingenieros designs agitators for any process in the petrochemical industry.

The petrochemical industry is dedicated to obtaining chemical derivatives from petroleum.

In addition to all its associated gases.

Subsequently, the chemical derivatives of petroleum can be transformed into products that are used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Petrochemical and oil&gas industry agitators

Some of the processes in which agitators are used are for example:

  • Temperature homogenization..
  • Mixture of sludge, oil additives, crude salts...
  • Suspension of solids for the prevention of sludge precipitation in storage tanks.

In many cases top/side entry agitators are used in large fuel, crude or asphalt storage tanks.

agitadores industria petroquimica

Titanium agitators are undoubtedly suitable for the petrochemical industry.

Titanium, in the form of titanium trichloride, is an optimal catalyst for the production of polypropylene.

Its high hardness and low density therefore make it suitable for aerospace applications and the petrochemical industry.

Titanium agitators are outstanding in applications where corrosion resistance is imperative.

First, the most notable is its resistance to corrosion of saline water, liquid chlorine, acetic acid, nitric acid, hypochlorites and brine.

In addition, it resists diluted solutions of hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid when in the presence of inhibitors.
It is also resistant to fuel corrosion.

G&G Ingenieros designs agitators for any process in the petrochemical industry
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