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In food industry, agitators are required for use in various processes.

These types of agitators are manufactured in food-grade stainless steel EN (10088).

For example, agitators are required for feeding:

  • Wine storage tanks.
  • Chocolate.
  • Preparation of all types of sauces and creams.
  • Mixture of drinks, juices and alcohols.
  • Oils.
  • All types of dairy products: milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter...
  • Beer.

agitadores industriales para alimentación

Consequently, achieving the required mixing levels depends on the physico-chemical characteristics of the components.

In addition to their compatibility, and the volumes to be mixed.

Therefore, in order to mix different components it is necessary to have interprenetation of the particles that occupy the different zones of the volumes to be mixed.
In addition, the differences of proportions in different samples taken with a certain criterion, give without doubt, a characteristic of the homogeneity of the mixture.

In short, agitators are necessary to generate contacts between particles.

As a result they can lead to a chemical combination or a change of state.

The necessary criteria for the good achievement of the chemical reaction will determine the needs to be covered by the agitation.

These criteria are as broad and different as the chemical processes themselves.

To summarize, these are the data needed to design any agitator.

First, know the tank. That is, its capacity, shape, bottom, height of the tank and that occupied by the liquid, material,...

Second, the products to be mixed. For example, with what objective, its density, viscosity, temperature,...

As a result, we will have the most suitable agitator for the process being carried out.

Some references

G&G agitators for food, in Salinas de Navarra

Salinas de Navarra is a company dedicated to the production, transformation and marketing of vacuum salt for applications as diverse as food, industry or water treatment.

G&G Ingenieros supplied through its client HPD Process Engineering, S.A. the following agitators:

2 top entry process agitators of 7.5 kW.
1 4 kW top entry process agitator.
1 top entry process agitator of 1.1 kW.

G&G Agitators in the EDAR Pascual Juices

In the treatment of wastewater for the production of Pascual juices.

G&G Ingenieros supplied through its client OndeoIS the following agitators for the WWTP located in Palma del Rio (Cordoba):

1 top entry agitator of 1.5 kW for neutralization.
1 top entry agitator of 0.25 kW for neutralization and mixing.

Agitators for food industry
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