The engineering of Agitation. Since 2004.

G&G Ingenieros studies the processes and reactions where agitation is required with criteria of minimum installed power.

Within the chemical industry they are used for example:

  • Cosmetics.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Fertilizers and fertilizers.
  • Paper mills.
  • Paints and varnishes.

Agitation is an important part of the design process.

Without a doubt from the point of view of safety optimization.

Agitators are designed for continuous operation.

Also for the most severe conditions.

The agitation process is one of the most important in the chemical industry.

In other words, the success of many industrial operations depends on effective agitation and mixing.

However, it is one of the most difficult processes to analyze and characterize.
Therefore, the design and optimization of agitators are entrusted to experimentation.

And the processes in which agitation is required are for example:

  • Suspension of solids.
  • Polymerization reactions.
  • Homogenization of finished products.
  • Dissolution and/or mixing.
  • Chemical reactions.
  • Temperature homogenization.

agitadores industriales quimica

agitadores industriales quimica

G&G Ingenieros also designs and manufactures high-tech agitators.

We also have a test bench to carry out all kinds of tests with different propellers.
Therefore, we can obtain data that can be extrapolated to the real case.
Consequently, we solve your needs as a result of the design and manufacture of an optimized agitator.

Some references

G&G Agitators for Nalon Chemical Industry

G&G Ingenieros has supplied its client Industria Química del Nalón with 2 side entry agitators of 18.5 kW power for suspension and temperature homogenization.
In addition, a 4kW side entry agitator for tar, and homogenization of solids for their plants in Asturias.

G&G Agitators in Desalination Plant CPR Venezuela

G&G Ingenieros has supplied agitators through its client Acciona Agua for the water desalination plant that has been installed to supply the consumption of the Paraguaná Refining Complex (CPR) in Venezuela.
The agitators supplied are:
2 top entry agitators of 0.75 kW for the suspension of solids.
1 top entry agitator of 0.18 kW for the preparation of reagents.
2 top entry agitators of 15 kW for mixing and coagulation.

G&G agitators in Central Electrique zone Portuaire Montoir

G&G Ingenieros supplied through its client Ondeo IS the following agitators:
1 top entry agitator for the preparation of 0.55kW reagents.
1 top entry agitator for neutralization of 1.1 kW.

G&G Agitators in Minera Catalano Aragonesa

G&G Ingenieros supplied 2 top entry agitators of 2.2 kW for sludge homogenization to Minera Catalano Aragonesa.

G&G Ingenieros also designs and manufactures high-tech agitators.
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