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The products used in the glazing lines for example are: ceramic glazes, barbotines and pigments for colouring.

Glazing is one of the most important processes within the ceramic industry.

In short, the processes of industrial agitators for ceramic glazes that require agitation are:

  • Dispersion.
  • Maintenance in suspension.
  • Homogenization.

agitador industriales para esmaltes ceramicos

agitador industriales para esmaltes ceramicos

Dispersion is very demanding in this application.

Therefore, it is carried out by means of a dispersed disc.

To summarize, it is a flat disc that in the periphery has teeth curved alternately towards both sides as shown in the photo.

Consequently, the dominant flow pattern is tangential and is used at high speeds, and consequently has high shear power.

One of the most important processes of agitators for ceramic glazes is suspension maintenance and homogenization.

Consequently, the agitation propeller must exert an energetic action on the bottom of the tank that allows the liquid to circulate throughout the entire volume of the mixture.
Therefore, an efficient circulation is recommended using high-performance axial propellers with a large diameter.

When ceramic glazes are applied to the pieces, they generate a continuous and uniform layer.

And whose mission is to decorate the piece and also waterproof it.

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of agitators for the ceramic industry.

Especially relevant is the adaptability of our machines to products such as barbotines, ceramic glazes, chemical products, etc.

G&G Ingenieros designs and manufactures agitators adapted to your needs.

We also have a test bench to carry out all kinds of tests with different propellers.
Therefore, we can obtain data that can be extrapolated to the real case.
Consequently, we solve your needs as a result of the design and manufacture of an optimized agitator.

Some references

G&G Agitators for Alfaren

G&G Ingenieros has supplied Alfarben with several agitators for the maintenance of the slip in suspension.

2 top entry agitators of 0,55 kW.

Agitators for ceramic glazes processes
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